NEWS for practicing yoga and pilates with Jeanie

Hello, I hope you are doing fabulous today. To those who have...

12th Aug
The Belly


| MAY YOGA SCHEDULE | ` May 18th is the next Yoga...

08th May

April’s Yoga Schedule

Monday – Wednesday I teach 4 drop in classes a day at...

04th Apr

Sign up for an 8-week yoga series, and reap the benefits

A series class is a commitment class to help you build a...

21st Jul
yoga-santa rosa

Yoga Therapy – for neck, back and shoulders

Yoga Therapy starts May 1st! This is a wonderful series, full of...

20th Feb

Kids Yoga

I’ll share a secret, I loveĀ kidsĀ and I will be teaching a class...

20th Feb

Inspiration for our yoga practice

It was a year ago that I saw some photos by Robert...

15th Aug
Tao Ponchon-Lynch

Massage & Private Yoga Session

Massage & Yoga combined in private session: -posture assessment, -movement, -massage in...

23rd May

Restorative Yoga Sunday Nights

Restorative poses help you restore your nervous system, your adrenals, this practice...

21st Feb

Core Yoga Classes

Hello Friends! Are you looking for centered, balanced, strong-supple core muscles to...

19th Feb
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